Kathy Spencer, C. R. C.Gulfstream Goodwill  
    “I was overwhelmed by your incredible site and your story… Your insight and techniques are terrific and I’m sure that they are helpful to so many…You have a lot to teach us! Your intuition is awesome.” 

Barbara Colon, M. S. W., University of Florida 
    "I read your support page and was blown away by it. I have worked with survivors of TBI for many years and I have never seen a more holistic approach to living. I was wondering if I could box you up and ship you out to all the families out there. Not all survivors are fortunate enough to be able to access your page...I hope to read more from you in the future." 

Susan Connors, President/CEO Brain Injury Association of America
     "I just read the home page of your website. I loved it! You have great insight and wisdom. I would like permission to print your words in our national newsletter, THE Challenge. Please contact me at your convenience to discuss this further.  Thank you."

Joann Massey, Psy.D
    "Nice job! I will definitely send family members for a peek at your experience and insights."

Franck L. Simon, Ms.D., Ph.D
    "I feel that we have a lot to contribute to humanity. Your Traumatic Brain Injury program is excellent."

Craig J. Phillips, M.R.C (Master of Rehabilitation Counseling) and a TBI survivor
     "You have a great web site here. You are truly being a blessing to many people's lives, both survivors and their families. The recovery your Mom made was truly remarkable and significant. I am sure her life has given many people hope Betsy."

Chip Howe, Former President of the Brain Injury Association of Texas
    "Keep up the good work and please feel free to visit out Website also, www.biatx.org ."

 Doug, RN
    "I must agree with you that continued recovery is possible beyond the one or two year window that doctors will tell you about.  I am a brain injury survivor.  My life was irrevocably changed by being in a car/motorcycle accident three years ago.  I was in the hospital for some seven weeks.   A year later, I returned to school and got my nursing degree.  And in a “what goes around comes around” turn of events, I spent 14 months as a new nurse on the neuro floor where I was a patient for five days, and now I work on the rehab floor, where I also spent seven weeks as a patient.
   I will agree that family support is crucial.  I had visitors on a regular basis throughout my hospitalization.
   Your thoughts on alternative therapeutics are interesting.  I quickly scanned your web site and put it on my favorite list so I can look it over more thoroughly later.  One element I definitely agree with is that stimulation is key, emotional as well as mental.  During my recovery in the hospital, I had regular visitors, family and friends.  I’m sure this support was invaluable to my initial injury.  Mentally, without the challenges of my education and my job as a RN, there’s no question that I would be as far along as I am today."

Valerie E. Breen, Executive Director, Brain Injury Association of Florida:
       "Extremely informative with wonderful insights!"

Maureen, Rehabilitation Supervisor, California Department of Rehabilitation:
"You certainly are helping Betsy! I was directed to your website by my professor, Clair Jones from San Diego State.  I am a rehabilitation supervisor with the California Dept. of Rehabilitation.  I plan to share the link with the counselors who work with me as well as the other supervisors in my district.  Thanks so much for sharing your insight.  You are doing such a great service for the world."

Suda SummersOklahoma   
   I work with individuals with TBI to help them with employment and your site was very encouraging to me and thank you for sharing your story. 

    "This website was a reading requirement on SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) for graduate study. Your site is an inspiration. Thanks!"

    "I am an occupational therapist and I work with patients with traumatic brain injury.  Family involvement certainly helps the healing process, and I am sure your suggestions will help others." 

Helen Van Loenen
    “I am a carer in an institute for people with acquired brain injury and truly enjoyed your story of your mother’s recovery.  Many of the techniques you employed are exactly what I would do, and I applaud your spreading the knowledge that you have gained through your experiences, as awareness is a vital key in enabling recovery.”

John, EMT
    "This web site was very helpful for me because I know very little about what to do about the healing process of head injuries.  I am an EMT/firefighter and only see the first stages of the accidents.  Actually, I was researching brain injuries for my recreation with special groups class presentation and this site is just what I wanted to find.  First hand information from relatives and such, I feel is more important than anything that comes from the doctor.  Having faith that your mom would pull through was the most important thing to do, and it was great that you protected her from the negativity. This story is touching and with these ideas that I have received from your site, I know that it will lead me to a great understanding of this type of situation.  Thank you for making this story available for me." 

    "Your testimony and advice is refreshing, encouraging, and timely.  As I’m sure you are aware of the staggering statistic of TBI.  I am a prospective special education teacher researching this topic for course work. I, along with my group, will be passing along some of your helpful tips in a presentation to other students like myself.  Your tips about praise, positive reinforcement and encouragement will be very useful if I have the opportunity to work with a student with a TBI. Thanks." 

    "I am an occupational therapy intern, and I agree with what you have relayed, that tactile stimulation can help brain injured patients recover."

    "I am a caregiver at a brain injury rehabilitation living center and I have found that everything you have said to be true."

 Malgorzata Wolnicki 
   "Thanks so much for all the info's. I'm undertaking rehabilitation unit at USQ(University of Southern Queensland) and found this site very useful. All the best! Malgorzata,Toowoomba, Australia." 

    "Betsy, thank you for sharing your personal experience with your mother’s rehabilitation progress. I’m currently at the end of the Occupational Therapy program at my college.  I found your support page while looking for information needed for a practical I will be performing in two weeks.  The practicals are based on three case studies, one on TBI another on CVA, and finally one on arthritis.  I was able to come up with some good ideas based on your therapy style that might be applied to my case study. Thanks again, Monica"

Bob Murray, Massage Therapist, Canberra, Australia
    "It’s great to hear of others’ success because you didn’t give up, well done.  And great to hear that your mother has improved far beyond the doctors’ expectations.  I’m a massage therapist who started working with brain injured clients in 1996. At first I was skeptical of what I could do but have since found massage (or touch and stroking) is so vital and beneficial.  I now have a team working with the residents of a National Brain Injury Foundation house.  I’m also preparing to give a lecture on the effects and benefits of massage to a group of paid carers.  Thank you for sharing your mother’s story."

Tom Abrams, Department of Rehabilitation, California
    "I have a number of clients who are dealing with serious injuries of illnesses affecting the brain, and appreciate having the benefit of your observations and suggestions.  I also appreciate the work you have gone to in establishing this site and the resources you have included as links.  I actually came to this site through a class I am taking through the Rehabilitation Counseling Master’s program at San Diego State University.  It was included as an online resource."

Denise Giusti-Bradford 
    “Thank you so very much for being willing to share you and your mom’s journey with me and others that visit this site.  As a graduate student of Vocational Rehabilitation at San Diego State University I will be able to benefit greatly from your experiences as I work with other families.  Again, Thank you and heartfelt peace and blessing to you and yours.”

 B. Inkel 
    "Great reading! I am studying Occupational Therapy and found your web site to learn more about TBI. Thanks for sharing your experiences."

Catherine, New Jersey
I am an occupational therapy student and I found you story so touching and insightful. I have not worked with this population but other students in my classes have and I have learned through their stories and experiences. I am glad you were willing to share your family's experience and share with them all the difficulties and triumphs you experienced.


 Appreciation from Health Care
Professionals and Students